Brain Dump Calendaring System Session



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Move from Overwhelmed to Organized in this 1-Hour Coaching Session + Workbook


This 60 minute Brain Dump Calendaring System Session will get you organized, off-load all the swirling To Do’s in your head and support you in creating a schedule that gets things done!

In our Brain Dump Calendaring System Session, you will walk away with the following:

  • Identify barriers in getting things done
  • Explore what motivates you
  • A Brain dump of all your To Do and Tasks
  • A trusted and customized system to organize your To Do and Tasks
  • A plan for moving forward to stay on track
  • Templates to schedule your week ahead, or month
  • A sense of accomplishment 
  • Continued success each week from getting things done and crossing OFF those To Do and Tasks!
  • Your own printable pdf workbook

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Together we will end the To Do list overwhelm!

It’s been said, “If you don’t plan your day, someone else will plan it for you.”
Don’t let someone plan your day who doesn’t know your God given goals and desires!