Laser Coaching Session




Laser Coaching Sessions are 20 minutes and are specifically designed to “focus on” something you want to change or be different in your life. This session provides a confidential and safe space free from judgment to work in a highly focused way on specific challenges.

  • Laser Coaching is about going deep and bringing new awareness to the surface that wasn’t previously available. It’s about getting to the core issue so that you can move forward in a way that honours “who you are.”
  • Laser Coaching will focus on “who” you are and how that impacts the current situation or problem.

Laser Coaching Sessions may take place on Zoom.  We will explore these steps to move you quickly to a result.

  • Fill out and submit your session preparation form so we can dig right in.
  • Goal – What do you want? What is your challenge?
  • Desired Session Outcome – What do you want to be different after exploring this situation?
  • Current Reality – What is happening right now?
  • Potential Options – What are ways to move forward?
  • Obstacles or Barriers – What is stopping you from doing this now?
  • Importance – What is making this so important right now?
  • Forward Movement – What do you want to commit to moving forward?

This session is for people who are ready to move forward and GET IT DONE!