Living on Purpose Group Coaching




Often, those with ADHD can become very good at masking their identity, trying to hide who they are to blend in, seem like they have it together, or avoid conflict. After years of being told to “try harder,” “you’re just lazy,” or being labelled as “stupid,” we have built up many false beliefs and have told ourselves many false stories, which causes us to lose touch with who we are, who we truly are.

Let’s BREAK that cycle today! Join me for a five-week “Living on Purpose with ADHD” group coaching program. In this group coaching program, you will discover “who” you are, beginning with your strengths, gifts, and talents. We will spend eight weeks in a safe, open, non-judgmental space that inspires purposeful growth as you discover yourself and learn more about your Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

This is an excellent opportunity to experience coaching for the first time at a fraction of the cost of a typical coaching membership. 

We can be consciously unaware of the root cause, often resulting from not honouring our core values, passions and strengths while allowing old beliefs to hold us back from moving forward to living our lives purposefully.

In this “Living on Purpose with ADHD” group coaching program, you will be guided through five steps that will support you to start living a more balanced and joyful life. We will engage in group discussion while learning about the importance of living on purpose. There will be many tools and exercises designed to help you take off “the mask” and start discovering who you are!


    • A clear understanding of your design and how God created you to thrive.
    • New insights about yourself, your values, strengths and passions
    • Reframing negative thoughts
    • A community of like-minded women on the same journey to discover more about themselves and their ADHD. 
    • More knowledge of your unique ADHD. 
    • How to be intentional with accepting and loving yourself. 
    • Exciting exercises to encourage growth and self-awareness.
    • Feelings of empowerment and gratefulness!
Join me and other extraordinary ladies who are seeking growth and discovery.