Living On Purpose With ADHD



As a woman with ADHD, I understand that the struggle is real, and the daily challenges of ADHD can make everyday tasks more difficult. We are all on this lifelong journey to finding the right peaceful balance to living our most purposeful life with ADHD.
Often, those with ADHD can become very good at masking their identity, trying to hide who they are to blend in, seem like they have it together, or avoid conflict. After years of being told to “try harder,” “you’re just lazy,” or being labelled as “stupid,” we have built up many false beliefs and have told ourselves many false stories, which causes us to lose touch with who we are and what God has called us to do.
Let’s BREAK that cycle today by beginning the journey of self-discovery by uncovering your strengths, gifts, and talents and stepping into who God created you to be.
Let’s get started today by downloading your digital copy of “Living on Purpose with ADHD.”