Strategy & Planning Session




All Coaching partnership begins with this 60-90 minute virtual Strategy & Planning Session. You can also register here if you want to engage in this session without pursuing ongoing coaching.

This session will be done via zoom; assistance will be provided to set this up if needed. We will use several assessment tools to highlight who you are on a heart level and bring to light some areas in which you desire to see grow and change.

During the Strategy & Planning Session, you will gain new insights and become more self-aware about yourself and how you interact with the world around you. You will uncover obstacles and barriers that have been holding you back. Through coaching, you will develop systems and “workarounds” that are uniquely designed by you. Begin today to discover the tools, techniques, and perspective shifts that will radically change your life.

During this session, you will identify the following:

  • Identified areas of your life that are in crisis
  • Uncover how your ADHD symptoms are interfering with your daily life
  • Identified goals and desired outcomes
  • Discover your passions and desires
  • Explore your purpose and calling in life
  • Identify your character strengths
  • Explore your skills and talents
  • Identify core values and how you’re honouring them in your life or not
  • Discover how to Leverage these in all Areas of Your Life
*INCLUDES my ADHD & Christian Life Coaching Workbook. 


This session will conclude with a clear agreement on the direction and focus of your ongoing coaching sessions.


Start leveraging your God-given strengths, talents, gifts and abilities to build confidence and resilience that will help you overcome obstacles and barriers that can hold you back from enjoying the life you were created to live.



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