What my clients and students are saying:

Peter & Sian Riley

Coaching Clients 

Heidi has been a wonderful support to us as a family. She has helped us to understand an ADHD  diagnosis as an adult and our neurodiverse family. Her discerning insights have allowed us to become more self-aware of who we are and the way we think about ourselves and each other and move forward positively as a family. Heidi is a positive, fun and empathetic coach who is able to combine her expertise in ADHD and Christian faith to make you feel seen and understood.

Tamara Davis

Coaching Client 

Through Heidi’s curiosity and asking questions it has prompted me to dig deep within myself and regularly do internal work. Through this process I have experienced fewer times where I feel in chaos and many more times of looking around my home and life schedule and feeling that I am no longer spinning in circles but making progress forward; and with that has come calmer and joy within myself and how I view life.  Working with Heidi on a regular basis has been life changing and I feel so incredibly grateful and blessed for her insightfulness, her patience and understanding, her prompting questions and her deep understanding of how the ADHD brain works.

Karen Johnson

Certified ADHD Life Coach 

Heidi has a big heart for her clients and a huge heart for God! Whether you work with her as her client, student, colleague, or fellow coach, you will be blessed beyond words because of her commitment to her faith and her passion to make a difference in the lives that cross her path. Heidi’s devotion to her clients is evident in her zeal to provide excellence in all that she does in her calling from God.
If you have the opportunity to work with Heidi as a client, alongside her as a fellow coach, or in other capacities, you will be a better person because of that relationship.


iACTcenter Student  

Heidi always does a wonderful job of holding space for us in session. She has an incredibly thoughtful way of keeping us on track while allowing each individual time to share insights with the group. I truly appreciate Heidi!

Monica R

Coaching Client

I was experiencing a burn-out at work and though I did not know it at the time, I needed direction and an understanding of my core capabilities. Heidi was compassionate and at the same time, provided me with constructive feedback. She guided my thoughts above all with a Biblical perspective and empowered me to be a better person. I am so thankful for her.

Janine H

Coaching Client

Heidi made me go back to the beginning identifying what my current challenges were and what is missing in my life…She made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed every session.

Michelle M

Coaching Client

“I have only been working with Heidi for a short while, but I have already seen monumental change in some key areas of my life. Heidi provides a safe place for me to bring anything to the coaching table. She has helped me discover and uncover some hard truths and has walked beside me as I have created some very impactful changes in my life. Heidi is kind and compassionate and remains steadfast in helping me to keep focused on my ultimate goals and outcomes. I am so happy to be working with Heidi and excited to see where our coaching relationship takes us.”

Ruska J

Coaching Client

Heidi is an incredibly talented and caring coach. She has supported my goals, dreams, and guided me through my ups and downs with Christ-focused and practical advice.

Lexi A

iACTcenter Student

I couldn’t believe how much I gained and took away from such a short personal chat with Heidi. I appreciate her reassurance, understanding and inspiration. I’m still trying to untangle the knot personally, but I feel a lot better moving forward professionally, and I’m so grateful! Heidi has such a warm presence and is kind and fun. I feel so grateful to have her as my iACTcenter instructor and to have her in my life to learn from and connect with.  Thank you Heidi!

Megan Tyson

Coaching Client

It’s as if Heidi is like an EXTRAORDINARY special curator of God’s amazingly different children. She’s not just collecting, no! She gathers, dusts off the old rules and beliefs, and stands in awe at the incredible values, strengths and “superpowers” of these ADHD -ers… Who for YEARS tried to figure out what was wrong with them or why they couldn’t get things done. It’s as if God gives her the keys, the magnifying glass, and a mirror to show everyone- THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!!! Wow, look at that sparkle! Look at that gem! I highly recommend taking this amazing journey with Heidi as you discover your sparkling strengths and abilities!

Sumiko S

Coaching Client

I’m eternally grateful for the life-changing coaching sessions with Heidi. She helped me to dig deeper through many layers to unearth THE real source of my challenges & struggles. This discovery and finding my strengths that I didn’t know I had made THE real difference in how I see everything, how I feel about everything therefore, how I show up in my life. Thank you so very much for your amazing insight, safe space to explore and trust in me.

Brandis B

Coaching Client 

Heidi is AMAZING! At 40, I was diagnosed with ADHD and totally frustrated. She helped me with resources, tools, and systems that made tasks less stressful for me. The entire time she’s helping you determine your goals and how you’ll reach them, she models how to create a plan step by step without becoming overwhelmed. There’s no judgement and the best part is her spirit, encouragement, sense of humour, experience, and her love for God. She will remind you of your strengths and how God loves you and helps you with your weaknesses.

Giselle J.O.Y Burke

Coaching Client 

“In all honesty it’s very hard to summarize just how much of a blessing Heidi has been to me. I feel like she gets me more than anyone ever has. She is patient, encouraging, understanding and gives the type of love and grace that I’m learning to give myself. Heidi offers accountability that is encouraging, not judgmental. Whenever I fall, she’s there to help me back up. Her suggestions are practical, like arrows pointing you in the right direction for this road map of ADHD life. Having Heidi’s help as a coach is like having the biggest cheerleader in your corner! I will be forever grateful for her!”

Kayleigh Caroll

iACTcenter Student

Heidi is one of the best people I’ve ever met! I have the privilege of being taught by her in the iACTcenter as well as having had an initial coaching consultation with her. She is amazing at holding space for every person in the class, I always feel personally seen and heard and understood by her and I see every other student feeling the same, I don’t know how she manages to do that for 15 people in the space of 90 minutes whilst also teaching the material in a clear, concise and fun way but she does every time. Although we only had one coaching consultation so far, it was incredibly powerful. She held the space for me and asked exactly the right questions to create awareness in me so that I came away with new insights about myself already, a renewed energy. I’m so inspired by Heidi’s energy, and being and the way she communicates, interacts with people and the world around her. I feel competent, understood and seen, which I haven’t experienced so effectively before in a teacher or coach. I truly hope to always have a connection to Heidi in one form or another after I have graduated! Thank-you so much Heidi!

Heidi Prosser

iACTcenter Student

“Heidi has a talent for teaching and presenting information.  She starts out keeping topics basic, easy to understand then takes you to the next level.  She is patient with her students and makes everyone feel valued.  In a world where so many are trying to protect what they know, Heidi shares everything she can to help her students become successful.  She is inviting, upbeat and sincere.  Her talents are in instructing and coaching but she is also a master creator of aesthetically pleasing content for anything you can imagine!  The opportunity to be mentored by Heidi has been life changing.  She is a gift from God!” 


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Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

Romans 15:13 


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Accreditations & Training

 Heidi Fishbein holds professional credentials as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Heidi has earned certification as an ADHD Life Coach (CALC) through the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACT Center) and is a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) through inviteChange. In addition, she has earned her certification as a Christian Life Coach through Leadership Coaching Canada (LCC). Heidi Fishbein is the Assistant Director of Training at the International Coach Training Center. (