Are you aware that coaching, like many other professions, has a code of ethics and standards to guide their work? But… here’s the truth: not every Life Coach pledges to fulfill their ethical and legal obligations to their coaching clients, sponsors, colleagues, or the public at large.

So, what does this mean for you when looking for a Life Coach?


First, where does our Code of Ethics as a Coach come from?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), which began with only a handful of people over 25 years ago, now has over 5,000 memberships worldwide and currently more than 150,000 “Life Coaches”. The ICF has become the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches and the leading voice for the global coaching community.

That’s great news!

As an ICF-credentialed ADHD Life Coach, I have pledged to fulfill my ethical duty, upholdthe ICF Code of Ethics, and honour the privilege of partnering with my clients in a principled way. 

At its essence, the ICF ethical guidelines, standards, and practices direct how we, ascoaches, represent the coaching profession and how we interact with, and serve our clients in our coaching practices. This is huge because what this demonstrates is that we are not just representing ourselves but the whole coaching profession in all of our professional coaching interactions.

ICF Professional Coaches who have chosen to serve and uphold the integrity of the ICF, its Code of Ethics, and the global coaching profession as a whole have a responsibility not onlyto our clients but to our professional practice and a commitment to society. I personally feel so privileged and honoured to be a part of such a high calling!

As coaches, we show up with transparency regarding our Code of Ethics, which supports us in cultivating and building strong foundations of trust and safety in our coaching partnerships.

An ethically mature Life Coach recognizes who they are as people and coaches. They constantly learn how to improve their skills, mindset, presence, and impact intheir coaching interactions

Professional, ethically mature life coaches embrace self-awareness about their strengths andareas for development, with part of that focus on developing new skills and increasing their understanding of their coaching core competencies. This includes being self-accountable for their personal, professional, and ethical development.

When you work with an ethnically mature Life Coach, you are sure they are working towards goals just like you!

ICF Professional Coaches are called to more profound inner work that requires them to engagein strong self-reflection. They are encouraged to go beyond the heart level and “be” there, look around, and discover what is true for themselves so they can be available to serve the people they partner with to the fullest.

Honoring ethical standards requires coaches to be courageous because we might not always like what we see within. There might even be resistance to what we uncover, and yet we trust that it’s in seeking deeper understanding of ourselves that we can serve you, our client, from the “wholeness” and humanness of ourselves.

So, why should you choose an Ethically Mature Coach? One that continues to challenge themselves and do this deep work of self-reflection?

Those coaches who dare pledge to our code of ethics require themselves to rise above, to “be better,” and to “show up better” for you. It requires those willing to commit to support other coaches in developing an ethical practice. Coaching has a global impact, and we are called to honour our clients, other coaches, professionals, and ourselves wherever they are in theirprocess and their life journey.

By remaining united and connected, we can all show up daily doing the hard work together, moving forward in our personal and professional growth and development. We have faith that everyone is showing up courageously and doing their best!

An Ethically Mature Life Coach has pledged a lifelong commitment to learning, found only in thedeep reflections of ourselves. We show up every day, as courageously as possible, doing what is right even when it’s hard. Living, coaching, and connecting in this way honours people as creative, resourceful, and whole, knowing “who we are” and committing daily to working on becoming “who we are called” to be.

An ethically mature life coach recognizes we all have work to do as people and as coaches, and we support and empower others on this life’s journey.


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Yours Faithfully,

Heidi Fishbein


Certified ADHD Life Coach

Christian Life Coach

Associate Certified Coach

iACTcenter Assistant Director of Training

iACTcenter Coach Instructor


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